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Jessica Celeste Robus

I’m a 14-year-old high school student and mental health advocate currently in Grade 10 in South Africa.

I can usually be found listening to music, singing or playing piano, writing, immersed in a book, or reading up on various obscure topics.

I am an avid songwriter, debater, performing arts afficionado, and budding linguist and my dreams include studying English at Cambridge University, writing scripts for Marvel movies (or Netflix ones, I’m not picky), and eventually learning how to skip. I am also terrified of geese.

I’m a huge fan of bad jokes and worse puns and absolutely love spending time with my friends.

Jess Robus

My book is available!

“A few slivers of light is a beautifully-written, vulnerable and emotive collection of poems from a teenager’s journey with anxiety and depression.”

A Few Slivers of Light, now available for purchase online on Amazon, right here on this website or via PayStack.

Illustrated by the tallented

Daniella Attfield

Daniella is a 22 year old South African cryptoartist, fan artist and bookworm living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Your writing is so beautiful, your honest, broken language so moving.

Jonathan Roxmouth

A 14 year old, who proofs that age is just a number, an old soul, who tackles mental health by the horns, and shows us the normality of mental issues by her exceptional writing skills. 

Galore SA

Jess Robus shines a light on youth mental health in her inspiring debut book

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More than Food Magazine

What were you doing when you were 14? Meet Jess Robus, author, poet and mental health activist. When our young teenagers are so open with their own mental health journey and then tackle the world of publishing, marketing and public speaking, we have to stand back and listen.

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ebiz Radio 

Jess, you are living testimony to the power of the word as well the need for writing as freeing and healing. I salute you.

Raashida Khan
(Award-winning author, poet and content creator)

A Few Slivers of Light is more than a collection of beautiful and evocative poetry. It is a revelation. An insight into the psyche of a young woman walking her journey of life while dealing with challenges, both internal and external.

A Few Slivers of Light is a beautifully written, vulnerable and emotive collection of poems of a teenager’s journey with anxiety and depression. Author Jess Robus hopes she will inspire other teens and young adults to speak up about their struggles and to reach parents who might have children experiencing these challenges.

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Brent Lindeque
Good Things Guy

14-Year-Old Jess Robus is shining a spotlight on mental health with her poetry!

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Expresso Morning Show – SABC 3

2019 Stageworx Songwriting Award

2020 Stageworx Songwriting Award


I have been writing since the age of 8 years old.  I wrote my first poems at 8 and wrote the lyrics and music for my first song at 9 years old.

I use writing as a means to process the world around me but I also love writing escapism pieces – I am a part of a few (read: way too many) fandoms and love connecting with others via fictional mediums.

To date, I have written poems, short stories, fan fiction, songs, and a mini-musical.



I play both ukelele and piano and spend many hours a week composing my own songs. I’m a huge fan of musical theatre and over the past 4 years have won various awards for vocals in the National Eisteddfod and SA Championships of the Performing Arts.

During lockdown I won my school’s talent competition “Heronbridge Got Talent” with one of my own vocal compositions.

Jess Robus

Performing Arts

I have enjoyed drama since the age of 7 years old. I have had the opportunity to perform on big stages since the age of 8. I’m also absolutely passionate about musical theatre! Whether I’m singing or acting I love the freedom that the performing arts give me to become the character I’m representing and over the years I’ve been known to choose some very whacky characters!

Jess is trained by Upstage Concepts, Stageworx Performing Arts school, Vocal Coach SA and Northtone Music.

Achievements I'm proud of...

Junior Valediction Drama prize

21 medals in SA Championships of the Performing Arts

Overall Drama Award, Kids Talent Festival.

internal school online Eisteddfod. I performed one of my original Free Verse poetry pieces and received rave reviews from international stars Jonathan Roxmouth and Carl Beukes.

National Eisteddfod Semi-Finals for Vocals & Drama


Jess Robus
Jess Robus

Public Speaking

I am an avid public speaker and debater participating on an internal, inter-school & regional level.

In 2020 I won my school Best Speakers competition

Jess Robus
Jess Robus
Jess Robus
Jess Robus

Mental Health

Mental health and awareness around it is very important to me.

I went through a two year depressed anxiety spiral and have witnessed the struggles that my friends and fellow teenagers have experienced with their own mental health.

My poetry book as well as some of my music chronicles my own journey of accepting and constructively dealing with the challenges I have faced due to my anxiety and depression.

I hope to share my story and let others know that whatever they may be going through, they are not alone.

Jess Robus

Find me online!

You can find me on Instagram at @jess_celestes_musical_mayhem, on YouTube as Jessica Celeste, and on Wattpad as JCDuValier. Facebook and I also have a tumblr, but good luck with finding that.

Email me:  jess@jessrobus.com