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Jessica Celeste Robus

I’m a 16-year-old high school student and mental health advocate currently in Grade 12 in South Africa.

I can usually be found listening to music, singing or playing piano, writing, immersed in a book, or reading up on various obscure topics.

I am an avid songwriter, debater, performing arts afficionado, and budding linguist. My dreams include studying Creative Writing at a British University, writing scripts for Marvel movies (or Netflix ones, I’m not picky), writing musicals for West End and Broadway shows and eventually learning how to skip.

Jess Robus

I’m a huge fan of bad jokes and worse puns and absolutely love spending time with my friends.

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A few slivers of light

“A few slivers of light is a beautifully-written, vulnerable and emotive collection of poems from a teenager’s journey with anxiety and depression.”

Arnold the Not Dinosaur

Arnold the Not Dinosaur tells the tale of great green galumphing dinosaur Arnold who must grapple with issues of personal identity and staying true to himself in a world full of people insisting that he must be something other than what he truly is.


Jess Robus chronicles her mental health journey in new book

By IOL news

In this time when mental health among youngsters is of growing concern, she shares her personal struggle with mental health in With A Few Slivers of Light.

14-year-old Mental Health Advocate Jess Robus Shines a Light on Youth Mental Health in Her Inspiring Debut Book.

I Love Fourways

A Few Slivers of Light is a beautifully-written, vulnerable and emotive collection of poems of a teenager’s journey with anxiety and depression. Author Jess Robus hopes she will inspire other teens and young adults to speak up about their struggles and to reach parents who might have children experiencing these challenges.

Jess Robus

One in five young adults battle with mental illness. This teen poet is raising her voice for them

Beautiful News

Being a teenager is hard enough. While dealing with schoolwork, navigating friendships, and handling the challenges of growing up, many also face mental illness… Today, Jess Robus is using her talents in music, theatre and poetry to become a voice for struggling South African teens. 

Jess Robus

Shining Slivers of Light on Mental Health Awareness

Nikki Bush

Nikki Bush in conversation with teen author and poet, Jess Robus, who shares her insights on teen mental health, and talks about her first book, A Few Slivers of LightPublished this year (2021), A Few Slivers of Light contains poignant poetry that will move you, as will this very honest 15-year-old, who will blow you away with her eloquence and insights. Jess is the youngest guest to ever appear on the Win @ Work and Life podcast.

Jess Robus shines a light on youth mental health in her inspiring debut debut book

Absolute Mama

With a maturity that belies her 14-years, vibrant Jess Robus is already a singer, songwriter, debater and musical theatre aficionado. On 3 June 2021, she adds ‘author’ and ‘published poet’ to those accolades, with the release of her debut book A Few Slivers of Light

14-year-old author Jess Robus talks mental health with Mack Rapapali

Jacaranda FM

This exceptional 14-year-old has taken her own personal struggles and mental health challenges and channelled them into a collection of beautiful and evocative poetry.

Your writing is so beautiful, your honest, broken language so moving.

Jonathan Roxmouth

Jess Robus
Jess Robus

What were you doing when you were 14? Meet Jess Robus, author, poet and mental health activist. When our young teenagers are so open with their own mental health journey and then tackle the world of publishing, marketing and public speaking, we have to stand back and listen.

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ebiz Radio 

14-Year-Old Jess Robus is shining a spotlight on mental health with her poetry!

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Expresso Morning Show

jess robus

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You can find me on Instagram at @jess_celestes_musical_mayhem, on YouTube as Jessica Celeste, and on Wattpad as JCDuValier. Facebook and I also have a tumblr, but good luck with finding that.

Email me:  jess@jessrobus.com