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Mental health and awareness around it is very important to me. I went through a two year depressed anxiety spiral and have witnessed the struggles that many of my friends and fellow teenagers have experienced.
My poetry book, as well as some of my music, chronicles my own journey of accepting and constructively dealing with the challenges I have faced, and through these, I hope to share my story and let others know that whatever they may be going through, they are not alone. As a public speaker & debater, I combine my love of speaking with my interest in mental health.
I love the opportunity to talk to young people as well as their parents about the experience of struggling with mental health in an attempt to remove the stigma associated with it. I want people to feel heard & understood.

I speak at schools, youth events, parents meetings, on podcasts and anywhere else that will have me

jess robus mental health
jess robus mental health talks
jess robus mental health talks

Jess Robus Speaker reel

Watch her speaker Reel for examples of what to expect in school talks, workshops and podcasts.

Her talk was insightful and moving.  Our students found her personal account to be genuine and relevant and the fact that it was coming from someone their age, made it extremely relatable.  Jess allowed herself to be vulnerable, she used humour and age-appropriate stories to really connect with our students and break down the stigma around mental health.  Thank you Jess.” Lucia Harding | Kingsmead College

What were you doing when you were 14? Meet Jess Robus, author, poet and mental health activist. When our young teenagers are so open with their own mental health journey and then tackle the world of publishing, marketing and public speaking, we have to stand back and listen.

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Jess NEEDS to continue what she is doing, she’s AMAZING!! Whether she realises it or not she is making a major difference. Her story has and will encourage others to open up about their experiences.

It is always comforting to know that we are not alone

Ms Chrissy Rajaram

A 14 year old, who proofs that age is just a number, an old soul, who tackles mental health by the horns, and shows us the normality of mental issues by her exceptional writing skills. 

Galore SA

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You can find me on Instagram at @jess_celestes_musical_mayhem, on YouTube as Jessica Celeste, and on Wattpad as JCDuValier. Facebook and I also have a tumblr, but good luck with finding that.

Email me:  jess@jessrobus.com